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I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr Reji of Technopilot for all the guidance that he has been giving me for the past few months. When I came here first, I remember that my health was bad and had problems with my thyroid and liver. I had very low energy levels. I was feeling fatigued throughout the day. There was a lack of will to do anything and my career was stagnating. My relationships were not that good and on the family front we were having frequent fights . There were lot of issues. One by one they starting dropping away with the guidance we got. We were told to do certain things which we followed. Now i understand a lot more about how things work and taking steps in that direction and i am able to do it. My state of mind has changed and I feel a big change. Earlier I even had difficulty getting up early morning but now it happens automatically. Before the alarm rings I wake up and I am able to do one hour of exercise. I feel that everything has progressed in life. On the career front also I have at least two choices in front of me, on which path to take. So from a position of extreme weakness, I think I have come into a position of strength. I am extremely grateful to Dr Reji for all his guidance and support. And I am thankful to God Almighty for having put me in touch with Technopilot. Thank you.

Mr Pramod Simon, Kerala – India