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HI, I’m Sheeba and now based in a fine job in UAE. I had countless issues in my life, which had brought my life to a standstill emotionally and mentally. After sessions from the Technopilot Healing Grids and meeting Doctor Rajiv, my life has changed a lot. Am no longer an eatoholic and have energy all day long. I can’t suppress my happiness when I notice that I feel more energetic while fasting. It is a great feeling.

I had a lot of people with bad intent and motives before in my life and they have all vanished. I noticed that more good things have happened in my life over the past many months, which I rarely saw before. An educational course I had abandoned many years ago had restarted and completed. Now I am a post-graduate in MA Literature and motivated to pursue my PhD.

The excess hair loss issue I had before is now solved and all my medical reports are now perfect. The sessions & advise made so much difference in my life, for which I am eternally grateful to Doctor Rajiv. With lots of love & gratitude. Thank you.

Ms Sheeba J, UAE


Hi, I am Christine and living in America. I used to be a positive person and try to see positivity in every aspect of life.

However, there was an incident in my life which put me into depression and had lost all hope in life. Had been very shattered for a very long while and on medication too, but the situation still persisted.

I believe God sends the right people at the right time into one’s lives. That’s Dr Thomas. He is a very perceptive, highly empathetic, very patient and positive person.

I wasn’t knowing anything about the Divine Grid healing. Dr Thomas spoke to me positively with patience even though we didn’t know each other. He also didn’t take any upfront fee for the sessions he had done after seeing my situation.

Now I am back to life full of energy, enthusiasm and surprisingly all the negativity has gone. I have no words to explain my gratitude and wish, that the Almighty continues to bless him and his team, for the sincere efforts to help the ones in severe need.


Ms Christine, USA


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Rajiv for his valuable suggestions and guidance. I came to Dr Rajiv when I was going through some issues in my life and with the tools and guidance Dr Rajiv gave me, I was able to overcome all the hurdles in my life. I became a very happy and confident person. So I strongly recommend Dr Rajiv to anyone who has any issues in their life. He is very kind, he is very patient, he is very empathetic and is really a very genuine and a nice person. Thank you Dr Rajiv for everything that you have done to us, in our lives. We are very grateful to you. Thank you.


Mr Kuldeep M, USA


This is Reena. There comes a time in life when one is totally convinced that nothing in life will even change and that good times may never come. But some faint hope persists as well as a trust in God. It is exactly at that time that the Divine puts people to come into our learning, to show that good times do indeed come. In my case I was introduced to the Technopilot site by a dear friend.

I followed the protocols and the sessions and I can now blissfully say that all is well. A lot changed in my life in a matter of few weeks. Health issues, job security, weakness, tired feeling most of the time – all of that vanished. A very old serious family issue of two decades also became of a new source of happiness for me. A new purpose in life originated. Above all I learnt to smile. Thank you immensely to all in the Divine Healing Grids for this new version of me.


Ms Reena J, India