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I am Dipu. I met Dr Reji during a seminar. He is a very positive person and I liked his character. I treat him as my brother. Dr Reji came to know about my personal issues. My wife had a very severe neck pain and on the back since the past few years. My son was not able to study properly and I had some personal issues too. His team has done invaluable healing sessions for our family, removing all factors which prevented us from progressing. He has taken us out of the quicksand and brought us on level ground. Now my wife has improved a lot, my son started concentrating on his studies and I am much better. It has been a total family transformation. I am very thankful to Reji and wish that the Almighty continues to bless him and his team, for the sincere efforts to help the needed one.

Mr Dipu, Kerala, India

I am Dr Jagadeesh Pillai from Varanasi. I am a Guinness Book of World Record holder in animation film making. Through one of my friends I came to know about Dr. R Thomas of Technopilot healers and he had also given me a magazine, with an article about them. Being an Arhatic of Pranic Healing , I was very much impressed reading the article. Even though I was practicing Pranic Healing and various other healing techniques for others, I decided to share a few of my complicated issues with Technopilot healers. My multi million Business collapsed completely. My newly started Real estate business failed and lost a lot of money. Debts worth Rs. 40 Lakhs. Apart from all that, serious family problems. Because of all of the above, I was in an extreme despondency and in confusion. But his healing techniques could diagnose the reasons of all my problems. In one to two months, he removed all the Blocks within me and my family. The Blocked money in my real estate business recovered and I could manage Rs 10 Lakhs of my debts. My family problem 100% solved. Gradually most of the problems are solved. My sincere gratitude to the Technopilot healers for helping me, solving my problems and giving me a comfortable and relaxed state of life.

Dr Jagadeesh Pillai, Varanasi, India(Guinness Book of World Record Holder)

Hi everyone, my name is George Varghese, working as an engineer in oilfield. I was searching for a career counsellor for one of my sons, who was in great distress, after completing his engineering. While searching on the net for counselling centre, I happened to see the Technopilot website and eventually I tried to connect with Dr Reji. I didn’t have much expectation what he can do for my son. But I introduced my son to Dr Reji who started doing online counselling and healing for my son. I started seeing very positive changes in my son after a few weeks of sessions of healing therapy. I too started my healing sessions with Dr Reji. It started giving me very positive results in my professional career and gave mental peace. I felt Dr Reji is very good in healing and counselling which gave me a lot of positive results in my professional side and also in my mental peace. I am really thankful to him for giving me this change in my life and also for my son. Right now my whole family is undergoing the healing sessions, which is giving us a very positive results. Thank you Dr Reji once again. I recommend whoever is in stress or distress contact Dr Reji and it will be very helpful

Mr George Varghese, Saudi Arabia

Hello friends, my name is Gopal Dewan. This video is being made by me to thank my friend Dr Reji Thomas, a Doctor in Alternative Medicine. It is due to Dr Reji Thomas and his belief in me that helped me to cure my heart disease. This therapy helped me to overcome not only certain obstacles of life, but also helped me to improve my heart functioning. My heart was not functioning properly, till I met Dr Reji Thomas. When I told him my problem, Dr Thomas told me there is nothing to worry and that he will help me in getting myself, back on my feet. I have full faith and trust in him and I can tell you, rather reassure you, all of whom are watching this video, that it is only faith and his persistent efforts that has helped me to overcome to a major extent, my heart ailment. Thank you Dr Thomas.

Mr Gopal Dewan, Delhi, India

I am SSonna & a media professional from Mumbai. I have benefited immensely with the sessions given by the Technopilot healers. My first experience was when I had a severe ear pain since a month. Allopathic doctor advise and antibiotics for 15 days provided absolutely no respite. Then I contacted Dr Thomas for healing through the site and they had healed me completely through distance without even meeting me, in just 15 minutes.

Thereafter undertook a process for whole body healing for various other ailments which I had been suffering for years. Big issues dealing with digestive system, frozen shoulders, body pains, trouble with sleep were also addressed. I was just awestruck at the miraculous cures that I received. Am a practicing Buddhist and much of the details given post every session strongly resonated with the Divine Universals Laws and were seen manifesting in my life immediately. Many blocks in my life were seen just dissolved and my husband benefited a big deal too and I have seen such a huge positive transformation in him. I have personally experienced that they address every possible issue in a human beings’ life on every possible level. Much of their work is in soul purification which is our real purpose in life. I strongly recommend the Technopilot healers to all and am certain that all of you will also be completely healed very soon.

Ms SSonna Parekh, Mumbai, India

I am Nirmala Amma residing at an Ashram in Kerala. I have devoted my life towards spirituality since many decades. Since quite a while I had been having severe and unbearable head pain among other issues. Had consulted several doctors and conducted many tests but found absolutely no relief. Just when it looked as if I had to live with this lifelong, Dr Thomas met me at the Ashram. It is nothing but a spiritual miracle, that he with the help of energy healing cured me of the pain and ailment without any medication or presence in just one day. I wish that the Divine continues to bless the work that he does in his fields of healing and research.

Nirmala Amma, Kerala, India