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Testimonials -2

Good morning, my name is Kishore. My daughter is a sports person. She is a national level fencer, who has three gold medals to her credit, at the national level. But the biggest challenge that she faced was shoulder pain. She was suffering from this shoulder pain for the past one year. Like any common man I took her to an orthopaedician, She was given medication and during the medication she was good and once the medication was withdrawn again she had the problem. So we felt that from allopathy treatment we should go to homoeopathy treatment. She underwent homoeopathy treatment for a couple of months. Still,the problem persisted. Then she went for the Kalari treatment. After 6 to 7 episodes of the treatment in Kalari, still, the problem persisted.

I mentioned that problem to Dr Reji and Dr was so kind enough and he assured me that her problem can be taken care of by the Saints of the Grid. With the blessings of the Saints of the Grid my daughter was given treatment for a months time and now she is perfectly well. She is able to continue with her sport. The particular pain which was disturbing her is today history. Thank you to the Holy Grid and thank you Dr Reji Thomas, for helping my daughter. Thank you Sir.

Mr Kishore, India

I have been quite impressed with the results that I have had after the healing sessions. The healers of the Divine Grids have had a tremendous impact on our family. We feel that there has been a positive effect overall and there have been many changes. Each one of us has had some benefit or the other and it has been a change towards the better. Its not that we just feel it, but we go through it almost some part of the day, where we feel that there has been something that has made us feel the positive energy within ourselves. I feel that it wards off any negativity within the atmosphere of the household and within us. I feel that its been a change for the better. Thank you.

Ranjana Ranganathan, Doha, Qatar

HI, I’m Deepa. I’d like to express my thanks to Dr Rajiv for whatever is happening in our life right now. We had gone to him around one year back. At that time, we were facing a lot of stress in our life. We had financial problems, issues between my husband and myself and we have a child who had lot of behavioural issues and also learning disability. Because of all this I was so stressed and we were finding it so difficult to go on in life.

Ofcourse now there is a lot of change in our life. First of all our financial issues have improved, my husband has a good job and that stress has gone. Regarding the child she was earlier very hyper and I was finding it very difficult to manage her. Regarding studies also she was far behind. Right now she sits and concentrates when i teach her. She now shows lots of interest in studies. She has become very loving and caring also towards us. Regarding the relationship factor between me and my husband, because of all this stress, it had earlier really affected our married life. Now all the happiness is all coming back in our life. I am really grateful to Dr for what all he has done for us and what he has given us. I think, we are on the right track now and all the lost happiness and prosperity is coming back to us. Thank you.

Ms Deepa, India

HI this is Suja from Hyderabad. This testimonial is to thank Dr Reji and team for the phenomenal support extended to me in my time of need. I always thought that i was an extremely strong individual. However, I realised that there was something required beyond my strength to help me get through life. I was going through a very tough time in my personal and professional life. Life had come to a standstill and there was no sign of improvement. The future seemed bleak and extremely uncertain. I am usually quite an optimist but the seven odd years of going through a lot of ups and downs had started to take a toll. I was also harbouring a lot of resentment towards individuals who I thought had wronged me. It was then that I connected with Dr Reji. Though I did not believe that much could improve, I shared my situation with Dr Reji . The most striking quality about Dr Reji is that he is extremely positive. He has the ability to induce optimism no matter what the situation. When I began, I found in myself the ability to forgive those who had wronged me . It helped me let go of my past. Post that in a very short time I was able to see a positive change in my professional life. A few weeks thereafter there were drastic changes in my personal life as well. I would like to thank Dr Reji and team, for their invaluable contribution and support, in helping get my life back on track. Wishing the team all the very best. Thank you.

Ms Suja, Hyderabad, India

Hello, I’m Sadhana and am an advocate by profession. I met Mr Thomas a year ago and at that time I had some problems regarding my profession, health and related issues. By talking with him I understood that he does spiritual healing with the help of Saints and being part of the Grid. So I told him my issues. At that time I had lost a few files in the office and clients wanted the files back and situation was grim. There he helped me and my profession was thereafter going fine. I also had issues with my health. Blood pressure(BP) would suddenly shoot up, well over 160/100 and I was absolutely laid up. Could not even get up and the head was reeking. Went to the Doctor who asked me “How come you are still alive !” and confirmed that the BP was too high and told me that I should not move at all, told me to lie down and was given immediate SOS medicine to be placed under the tongue. From the hospital itself I called Mr Reji and told him about this problem. He helped me. After that the next day I went to the same Doctor who said that I must continuously take the dosage of medicines forever for BP, also keeping age factor and the very high readings in mind. For one week I had the tablets and then I decided that I am not going to have it. Told Mr Reji that am not going to have these medicines and that I am relying on him. From that time I have not had any problem with my BP . I brought an instrument for measuring the BP and it has never ever gone above 135/84 which as i understand is normal pressure for my age. So on that part, I tell my friends, I tell my relatives that this is one of the many good effects I have had due to the blessings I have received from the Grids. I am thankful to the Saints in the Grid for the favours that are being bestowed upon me.

The other day my husband had a real problem in that he couldn’t breathe. His nose was so chocked up and he had this problem since long due to polyp in the nose. Around 4 years back he had done a surgery and the polyp removed. But within a year he started getting back the same problems – severe cold, blocked nose and for the past 10 years he didn’t have the sensation of smell. Smell would come rarely for a day and go again. About 3 months back he was not able to even lie down due to the chocked condition and was absolutely down. So I called Reji Sir and told him to please do something about this. From then within 2 days his nose block cleared and he gets smell and he keeps saying “the perfume was good, the cooking was good” as he can get the smell of everything around him very well. He even knows that there is cooking going on in the neighbours house! He is no longer having such chocking problems or issue with breathing from that day. Only problems like normal people have, like having a cold once in a while. Thats all.

Regarding the profession it is going on very fine. Thanks to the Saints of the Grid and thanks to Reji Sir for having helped me understand this part of spiritual healing, which is being done by them. Regarding the monetary part, yes I have become wealthy by the Grace of God and the Blessings of the Grid Saints. I am thankful to Reji Sir and the Saints of the Grid for all the favours bestowed upon me. Thank you.

Ms Sadhana, Advocate, India

This is Swati and I am from India . I am vocalising my thoughts today to express what happened over the past few days which has given me a new lease of life . Take any aspect of life – I was going through the worst possible times . Not only me , but my immediate family and my parents too. Due to an ear piercing which possibly went wrong , I got infected by Hepatitis B. Everything about me looked sunk – my hope , my aspirations and my whole life. Took test report after report and all indicated that I was indeed carrying the virus. Just when I thought that this low energy low phase of life would last forever, I was referred to Technopilot and their site by my daughters school teacher . The whole process of how energy work happens was explained and some guidelines were given. They were kind enough to immediately take up my cause and sessions started immediately . Session reports were given which explained, why me and my family were undergoing treacherous times since years. All of that was cleared and addressed on the Divine Grids . Took another test report and to my deep delight was found to be free of any Hepatitis B . These days are turning out to be indeed life changing. A lot of guidance is being imparted and all in my family are being transformed too. God is great !!! No words of gratitude are enough for what Technopilot has done. As the saying goes – God sends his own to rescue those who love Divine and never to lose hope. I am a living testimonial . God bless! Thank you !!!

Ms Swati, India

I have been in touch with Dr Reji for the past couple of months . Doctors had advised surgery for my infant son and it is for this that I got in touch with him first. Later after a month when I visited the Doctors again, they told that the surgery was no longer required. It was indeed such a relief, as subjecting the child under anesthesia was quiet disturbing. Further to this I have been in touch with Dr Reji for a lot of issues related to my son. Another was that my son had sleep issues and the child who never used to sleep at a stretch now sleeps quiet well continuously for a number of hours, which is indeed remarkable. Also other issues related to the child such as nasal congestion, loose motion – all these have been treated and all these have been resolved within a matter of time. I am indeed lucky that I am in touch with the right process of healing and the right person and I am very grateful to Dr Reji for his guidance and support. Thank you.

Ms Vandana R, Bengaluru India

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr Reji of Technopilot for all the guidance that he has been giving me for the past few months. When I came here first, I remember that my health was bad and had problems with my thyroid and liver. I had very low energy levels. I was feeling fatigued throughout the day. There was a lack of will to do anything and my career was stagnating. My relationships were not that good and on the family front we were having frequent fights . There were lot of issues. One by one they starting dropping away with the guidance we got. We were told to do certain things which we followed. Now i understand a lot more about how things work and taking steps in that direction and i am able to do it. My state of mind has changed and I feel a big change. Earlier I even had difficulty getting up early morning but now it happens automatically. Before the alarm rings I wake up and I am able to do one hour of exercise. I feel that everything has progressed in life. On the career front also I have at least two choices in front of me, on which path to take. So from a position of extreme weakness, I think I have come into a position of strength. I am extremely grateful to Dr Reji for all his guidance and support. And I am thankful to God Almighty for having put me in touch with Technopilot. Thank you.

Mr Pramod Simon, Kerala – India