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Hello everyone, my name is Vinith Varghese . I am making this to show what changes have happened in my life. I believe in God. I especially want to thank Dr RK Thomas for helping me. I was a totally repressed, insecure person as a small child itself. I had no belief in myself that I could accomplish anything in my life. It was like this for a very long time. When I was going through a very bad stage in my life, my father introduced me to Dr RK Thomas. Dr gave me hope and told he will help me. He told he would bring me back to my old self and that he would make me happy again. He told me to believe in God, pray and that everything would be fine. I did as he told me. Everything changed in my life . Mentally I changed. I started seeing things in a different perspective in my life. I was able to find peace in myself. Everything in my life started slowly changing. Thank you Doctor for helping me and especially my father for helping me at a time in my life like this. Thank you everyone. I especially thank God.

Mr Vinith Varghese, Kerala, India

Hello, I am Srinda. I met Rajiv through my friend. I was very happy to hear that most of all her issues were solved through Rajiv and so i got excited and called him. We had a conversation and after that I felt so happy. He helped me out in removing all the blocks. Right now I am having a very good time in my career and I feel that I am more positive. Before I had a lot of negative thoughts but now I feel so positive and so happy. It is very good feel. He has removed a lot of blocks which I had emotionally, career wise, in relationships & virtually everything. Right now I am more focused about my career. I am hoping for the best and I am so happy and right now I am leaving for Canada for my new movie shoot. Thank you Rajiv.

TechnoPilot™ Testimonial – Ms Srinda, Kerala, India

Hi, I am Serin. I met Doctor through a close friend of mine. I had heard a lot about him from her and how he helped her make a few small changes in her life which had a very positive result. After having met him, I found him to be a person full of positivity. Things in my life, especially my career were moving at a very slow pace. But since then, all of that changed. A lot of blocks and issues in and around me were solved through healing sessions . I started getting more work offers, I set up a small business, I got a clearer understanding of myself and people around me. The only thing i was asked to do everyday was positive affirmations. And just by doing that, I feel so great about myself. It doesn’t let me be around any kind of negativity, which is great. As everyday goes by, I have more new things happening in my life. And I am extremely grateful to have met him. Thank you so much.

TechnoPilot™ Testimonial Video – Ms Serin George , India

Hi, I am Mahi. I always thought I was a fighter. Kept on fighting troubles in life for years and years….until I literally bumped into Dr Reji ! (Probably it was meant to be that way). Magic happens after I meet him. Very generously he started working on me. Day after day …I see changes – I see a complete transformation. Loads and loads of issues around me started vanishing. The powerful woman I thought I was, was actually struggling with survival mechanisms in life, until I met Dr Reji ! His approach was so sweet and hearty that though I did not believe in any such work or anything close to it – I started following – which brought the changes in my life. Relationships were a major issue. Everything is fine now. People with fire are now quiet. I am now able to speak to all of them and convey my messages to them, which was as good as going to a war earlier !! Business has taken another level. New ideas, new products, new expansion plans appear from nowhere. Thanks to Dr Reji and his work, I now lead a new transformed life. A new confident, powerful and unstoppable me is alive and thriving. I wish him good luck and my best wishes for him to be able to continue the generous and noble work that he is doing. Thank you for making me smile and laugh again ! Loads of love.

TechnoPilot™ Testimonial – Ms Mahi Shah, Mumbai


TechnoPilot™ Testimonial – Ms Grace K, Mumbai, India


Ms Priyanka Menon , Mumbai


My name is Jeeba Varghese and I live in Dubai. I was having an extremely bad back pain for the last 3 weeks and even waking up from bed after sleep was my biggest problem. It felt as though a heavy weight was pulling me down and even walking after that was also difficult. I tried all medication including Ayurveda but the horrible pain just did not go away. My entire life had come to a standstill.
I approached Dr Reji Thomas to help me as I had faith in the divine healing work he does with the TechnoPilot Grid Healers. He sent me positive affirmations to read too and gradually I felt positive energy filling me once sessions were started through distance healing. Within 3 days I was completely cured and I feel so happy and relieved now. In an earlier occasion too he had undertaken a session for my husband who was having a tough time with office work and the strains associated with it. He instantly became happy, cheerful and very light thereafter. Dr Reji had also helped me with other health issues earlier which all disappeared the same day
I had been having issues with my joints and general skeletal system since the last 8 years. With the help of a diet plan now recommended by the Dr, I am ever onward progressing to maintaining a healthy and happy life ahead. I am so grateful to Dr Reji to have undertaken this scientific process. I would recommend him with high regards to all with respect to solving any problem.

Ms Jeeba Varghese , Dubai, UAE

Mr EJ Mathews, Dubai, UAE

I was introduced to Dr. R Thomas by a very close friend of mine who is well known to me and after she knew about my very severe issues in office. After I spoke to Dr. Thomas and discussed about my problems he agreed to solve all even without seeing me, with the help of Divine Grid Healing. In just 2 sessions done from distance, unbelievable positive changes in my business miraculously happened and I could get rid of a lot of problems which were troubling me and my life since very long. It has been almost 10 months post the sessions and even now I can say that there has been a very good change. I have found the consulting and healing work extremely effective. I am hereby recommending that anyone who has got absolutely any kind of issue, to consult with Dr Thomas. Thank you Dr. Thomas and the TechnoPilot team, for all your support to me and my family. I will defiantly be in touch with you as I feel it’s needed at times. Thank you once again.

Dr Biju Krishnan, Editor, Kerala, India

I am Jarna and a working professional from Gujarat. One of my most difficult tasks is to put my experience with TechnoPilot into words. The ability to sense one’s problems & issues including diseases was spot on by Dr Thomas. True clairvoyance !!
Both my 12 year old daughter and self had extremely severe issues related to thyroid since many years. We had both given up on return to normalcy and had assumed that this was there to stay lifelong. It was also so painful to see my daughter get the issue at so young an age. My daughters Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH) reading was in excess of 100 units while the normal range was to be below 4.2 . After a few sessions by the TechnoPilot Healers of the Divine Grids, it is now 3.8 units, well within the normal range. Similarly my T3, T4 & TSH values are now all within the normal range. I had been taking 100 mcg of Electroxin while my daughter 75 mcg of the same drug daily and all dosage now gradually reduced to zero.
I now realise that there is something about the work that has positively affected my mental, emotional and spiritual framework forever. My energy state feels different and I feel a lot more internal silence than I had ever noticed before. I would strongly recommend this healing work for anyone who is struggling with a difficult relationship or difficult time whether in health, happiness or practically any issue in their lives and have lost all hope. Doors and windows open up like I have never witnessed before in my life. God bless and may all be blessed to find divine people like the TechnoPilot Healers.

Ms Jarna Shah, Gujarat

Today I wish to speak my heart out , with a deep sense of gratitude, contentment and spiritual blessings that I have received from the time Dr Reji has taken up the healing process for me and my son Kalpajh. Kalpajh is a 20 year old boy. My son had issues with Attention Deficit and slight traits of Autism. Dr Reji came forward, with total dedication to take up his complicated healing process and made it easy for us to understand, accept and implement all the changes that one needs to bring in for a positive and healthy life. Today as I speak, I feel the magic across my life , in my relationships, at my workplace and with my own spiritual development . I am blessed and honoured since I have been associated with the Divine Grids. It has been a transformation. Kalpajh is a more mellow child and growing up into a fine individual. On the other hand I am more confident, leading a more healthy and successful life. Reji, thanks for giving this beautiful experience and being part of our journey. I wish you all the very best and hope you heal people and take this power to a greater audience of humanity. I wish you all the very best. May all the angels and the Divine bless you forever. God bless. Thanks.

Ms Ssujata T, Mumbai