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I’m Binaboud from UAE. I came in contact with Dr.Reji Thomas about 6 months back through some reference. (a) Network Security . I was a victim of online theft and extortion via the Internet. Dr Thomas managed to get me out of the trap in a few days and also exposed and terminated the blackmailing racket leading from another country in a very swift and professional manner.

(b) Healing. From my first conversation with him I felt that he is able to connect and understand my mental, physical and spiritual status. He generates lot of positivity and is very effective with his distance healing. In a short period of time, he could actually resolve many of my issues. Personal example my relationships at work. Even for matters relating to my health, has treated abdominal pain that I had for many years and which conventional medicine was unable to treat. The pain which was traced to my Small Intestine just went away overnight. I advise anyone who has any particular problem pertaining to health, personal, business or relationships to address through I wish to Dr.Reji Thomas all the best in his future endeavors.

Mr Y Binaboud, 38 yrs, United Arab Emirates

My name is Rinzu and I live in New Delhi. I came to know of TechnoPilotTM and Dr Thomas, through a friend. I have stayed in touch with Dr Thomas since then, and you wont believe that for a very negative and pessimistic person like me, he has been a blessing. Every time I faced an issue in life, big or small, I have messaged him or called him and he has always infused positivity in me and told me to think positively. It is because of him that I am a very positive person today.

But I never imagined that I would have to consult him on the healing process, until my dad fell seriously ill last year. He was detected with enlarged prostate, heart issues and the doctors were suspecting cancer. We were all very worried and scared and though we were praying, we didn’t know whom to go to, until it struck me that I should talk to Dr Thomas and see what can be done. I messaged him and he immediately sent me some positive affirmations . I started saying those affirmations for my dad and he started the healing process on the Divine Grids. It was nothing short of a miracle that he was healed, so miraculously, that his heart operation was a success and he didn’t need any operation for the enlarged prostate, as it shrunk on its own. Today he is leading a very healthy lifestyle and is very hale and hearty. I am highly indebted to Dr Thomas for being my best friend, companion and my guide in the time I really didn’t know what to do and much more than that, for infusing positivity in me , when the world was breaking down in front of me. I would like to recommend TechnoPilotTM and Dr Thomas to anybody who has lost hope in all forms of healing, who have lost hope in life and who are emotionally and mentally not feeling great, because I am sure that once you speak to him, you will be amazed at the positivity you see inside him.

Thank you so much Dr Thomas and TechnoPilotTM for being a guide and a companion and I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors. All the best and Thank You.

Ms Rinzu, New Delhi

My name is Indu Jayaram, and I am a trainer by profession. It was my good friend Joseph Paulson who mentioned to me about Dr.Thomas and TechnoPilotTM. I was having lot of health related matters and I didn’t know how to handle it. I have been taking my reports to one doctor after another and there was no improvement at all. I lost hope and was so depressed and stopped going out and was at home brooding over all the time. I was in total mess and I didn’t know how to go ahead with my life. I had two choices in life – either to live or to die. I lost hope and my hormone imbalance was severe, my body could not absorb any nutrients and to add fuel to that, I started getting hyper pigmentation on my neck and face. It was so bad that I was hesitant to go out and I didn’t want to meet people. . It was when Jo called me and requested me to contact Dr.Thomas.

I got in touch with them and soon I got a mail from TechnoPilotTM , asking me to send my latest and old pictures . Soon after receiving my picture they updated me on my present condition. I was worried about the expenses as I had spend a lot of money for my treatment and I was very apprehensive about the next action to be taken . But later I realized that Dr. Thomas was ready to help me and told me not to worry about the finance part of it.

One day I got a call from Dr. Thomas about my condition and told me that there were many energy blocks and that he is going to help me remove them. In addition Dr.Thomas also sent me forgiveness and gratitude affirmations and asked me to chant them. A lot of changes started to take place and finally things were falling in place after two years of struggle. I got my confidence and optimism back, started feeling at peace and got back to my normal self. After a long time I realised that my life was in my control. Now a lot of good things are happening to me every day and my health has improved real fast. There is a lot of excitement as the fears and anxieties were removed and I am looking forward to having a wonderful life ahead.

I take this great opportunity to pay my gratitude and love to Dr. Thomas for helping me overcome my fears, for constantly praying for me and help me come out of this problem. God bless you Sir. Thank you very much for your support and care and I look forward to it in future also.

Ms Indu Jayaram, Kerala

I was like most other 22 year olds – Confused about life, messed up in my own emotional state of affairs, and worst of all, physically unhealthy. With a cough that wouldn’t leave me and allergies all over, I was just plain unhappy. Until the universe set the stage for me to meet the magic man, by the name Dr. Reji. I feel extremely happy in having gotten his time, healing, and mentoring. Thanks to his allergic sessions, my skin and cough miraculously improved. More than anything I was taught about how I was the creator of all that was happening in life. I could slowly see that progress from a confused lost child to someone who took responsibility of herself and mind you, that was not as simple as it sounds. It was a revolutionary process. Starting from the power of a ‘Thought’, to a few simply exercises that are to be followed daily, to a certain direction in life, he has given me a lot more than what I can really put into words. All that I want the readers of this testimonial to take from my writing is, if you ever happen to meet and spend some quality time with this man, take it as an opportunity of the kind most people would not be granted and make the most of it. Faith and Belief are miraculous. You may not be able to make perfect sense of all that he says in the beginning, but if you believe it with an open mind, I can vouch for the results to follow.

Priyanka Variath, 22yrs, Mumbai

Our Gratitude towards Dr.RK Thomas

A cry for healing is among our most urgent prayers.  When we are in pain, we can turn to someone who will make a difference with sheer” LOVE OF HEALING & HUMANITY”. It does not matter whether we need help in ourbody, mind or soul. Dr. RK Thomas, looked well into the matter. This is one of those things that is easy to say, yet very hard to implement..  because “looking well into the matter” involves study, homework, countless hours of dedication, deeper ability to connect with emotions  and even risking own life. In this journey of over a month, my son’s severe Attention Deficiency and Autism traits have shown remarkable positive improvement. He is happier with each passing day, his self esteem soaring high and social acceptability rising up. His attention span has improved and is able to does all activities with responsibility and awareness of his surroundings. At the outset, it sounds so simple….only to discover how magical my spiritual transformation has been, I have developed tremendous acceptance to situations. There is feeling of serenity, and a inner voice guiding me at every step.. Life is so much more meaningful with a higher purpose to practice “loving-kindness” and compassion. It is shocking… the simplicity and it’s power. Thank you and God Bless!!   Psalm 30:11 You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.

Ssujata and Kalpajh 20 yrs, Mumbai

I was referred to Dr Reji by a very good friend who has immense faith in Dr Reji and his spiritual and energy healing technique. For a skeptic like me, concepts of energies, Karma, aura , chakras and past lives baggages always went over my head….but I was desperate for a change in my life… So I approached Dr Reji to address a few relationship issues ..but what came forth was shocking and unnerving… My home and every member of my family, including my pet parrot was engulfed in a very unholy negative energy…it consumed and affected every member of my family…I applaud Dr Reji and Technopilot for their painstaking effort for the next 2 – 3 days to rid the negative energy through spirituality and deep meditation …The change was all too evident …Truth be told…within a weeks time, there was positive changes observed in members of my family..…I was more clear headed, motivated and focused. My home and family underwent a CATACLYSMIC change…” I now entrust my family’s well being in the Yantra that Dr Reji gave me. My heartfelt gratitude to Dr Reji and will never think twice before recommending him to my friends who desperately need help…Thanks again Dr are truly God sent.

Mr CD Lala, Mumbai

Dear Dr. , Thank so much for such a big change which you have brought in my life. It is only because of you that I have started thinking positive. I thank Ammu for really saving me and getting me to you. I really thank her for getting me out of my miserable life. Dr, since the day I met you itself I really felt a good vibe which I got at that time. I really trusted you that you will really bring a change and which you did. I was such a person who used to always think only negative and used to get negative thoughts quite often, which really started making me totally de-motivated in life. I could see that anything good which was expecting to be good used to just turn out really horrible. Even my relations with others were becoming really bad. And main thing my health was really deteriorating and my hair started greying very much. I had an old look on my face even at the age of 22, looking like “an old lady”. The day I got to meet you Dr and once our session started and the day you told me that I had an old soul in me which really scared me but then Dr after that I really felt better. After that also whenever I had a problem you always helped me and you really gave me a lot of peace. But after that Dr I really felt a big change. I was feeling very light from within, like as if someone has taken away something like a burden from me. I started enjoying myself, started talking and thinking positive. That is when you told me I had unwanted 3 souls in me which were removed, which really gave me a lot of relief. Dr since the day you sent me the Yantra and told me to share all my pain, my sorrows and my wishes with the Yantra, this has really helped me. My Yantra has helped me many a time from situations which I feel would have been really very difficult for me to deal with. I really thank you a lot Dr for healing me and giving me a new life. I really trust you and thank you loads for such a big thing you have done for me. You have really given me a re-birth. If not for you my future would have been horrified. Thank you loads Dr.

Ms. Priyanka Menon, Mumbai


To Dearest Dr. Reji, I was referred to Dr. Reji by someone I came across very accidently. I have always been keen on meeting and connecting with people who have knowledge of extraordinary sciences, however most of the people who I came across would give answers but to a certain limit only. Further I could never completely trust such people. But the experience that I had with Dr. Reji was one that would never leave me for the rest of my life, pure destiny or good karma’s which lead me to having being associated with him. My issues were many and the case very complicated which revolved round relationship, health, my complete family and the overall energy that I was surrounded with which largely was negative. Talking to him from day 1 itself gave me tremendous comfort. He was a magician since he knew the issues I was facing and he was straight onto the solution. He took me step by step in this journey wherein I had the following experiences.

1. My negative programming which was something even I was unaware of, was attended to.

2. My energy levels reached a new height.

3. On the relationship front, I started to experience a new feeling with my family.

4. My level of gratitude increased manifold a new revelation for me.

What is most significant for someone like me, is that I could feel all the above which is very rare and that itself stands testimony of the kind of focus that Dr. Reji gave me. All this and more due to which today I have rediscovered my original self and for that I am completely indebted to Dr. Reji. Thank you Dr. Reji for all that you did for me and my family which truly is an experience given and meant for me, through God almighty. Regards,

Mr Ram , 43 years , Mumbai

I was introduced to Dr R Thomas by a very close friend of mine who is well known to me and after she knew about my severe issues on many fronts. Post the sessions over the past 3 months it’s a great relief now, as I could get rid of a lot of problems which were troubling me and my life since very long. We had consulting sessions every now and then and I can say that there has been a good change. I could see a lot of POSITIVE changes and the consulting and healing work extremely effective. I also appreciate that all the changes I desired including achieving super financial success cannot possibly be seen in one day, but as we learned during the nursery days, slow and steady always wins the race. Here I will add that I am so confident that that a systematic consulting over the next few weeks will also help me win the race and achieve financial freedom. I would recommend anyone who got absolutely ANY kind of issue to consult with Dr Thomas and am sure I will also be a part of helping people in this way. Thank you Doctor and well this is not the end. I will defiantly be in touch with you as I feel it’s needed at times. Thank you. Thanks as Lot. Regards.

Mr Sajith Nambiar, Thiruananthapuram, India