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HI, I am Ruchi. I wasn’t knowing anything about Energy healing. Its only when I met Rajiv, he explained to me about it. I was actually going through a very low phase of my life, full of negativity, wasn’t optimistic at all and I wasn’t charged enough actually. Then when Rajiv did this healing for me, I am now feeling much much better , full of life and surprisingly all the negativity has gone and I feel very positive about life. Thank you Rajiv

Ms R Ruchi, Delhi, India

Hi, this is Prashant Nair once again and thought of updating my success story. I would like to thank the Divine Grid Healers once again for their tireless efforts and support in helping me get back on to the right track. What I wanted to tell people is that all the good things will come to you, but you need to be patient. My success story can be seen on . Thank you once again.

Dr Prashant Nair, Dubai, UAE

Hi, my name is Cynthia and living in Dubai. I had been having a lot of personal issues in my married life for years. I was introduced to Dr Reji by a friend of mine more than a year ago. I was very apprehensive at first but decided to give it a try. Dr Reji was very understanding and through the months of healing there were ups and downs. There were times when I felt that things were going great but soon there would be a depression. I had given up on my intention of wanting my husband to change and that was the start of the great change I felt in my life. I realised that my happiness depended on me and no one else. That changed my perspective in life and I started to feel good. Finally I decided I didn’t want any more help and I even told Dr Reji to strike me off the list but he was always very supportive and did further block removals. He told me that their intention was to make me stronger, remove my issues and that was exactly what happened. So I decided to give a testimony about this. But things didn’t stop there. Out of the blue my husband was hospitalised, with a heart issue, in spite of no previous health issues. It was a major issue which shook us all up. But by Gods Grace he got treatment at the right time and now after weeks of rest, he is back to work. That changed my life for the better. This opened our eyes and made us realise that our ego took over us. Now we are experiencing love and affection with each other as never before. I owe it all to the healing we have received from Dr Reji and his team. Thank you Doctor.

Ms J Cynthia, Dubai, UAE

I am Dinesh and working as a businessman in the construction industry. Over the many years a lot of issues physically as well emotionally kept accumulating and this severely impacted and created a big dent in the business. Not knowing what to do, time just flew by and issues kept getting worse over the years. I approached Technopilot and placed my issues before them. Sessions were started by them and details were given usually after every session. Right from the first session itself, a hope and light dawned and I instantly knew at that time itself that things would get okay with me. A reassurance set in. A lot of blockages on many levels were dissolved by them. Tension just evaporated. Situations around me just brightened. Not only me , the people around me noticed the transformation that happened in me. I feel so much relieved, happy and virtually tension free now. Things are improving all around now on each and every level and everything going great now. All I can say is that the Divine sends people like the Technopilot healers and I have been fortunate, to undergo the sessions, to evolve even on the SOUL level. Deep gratitude and thank you.

Mr Dinesh Kumar , India

HI, I’m Vishnu and working as a Video Jockey for the last 5 years. Around one year back I got a chance to interview Dr Reji K Thomas. It was a wonder meeting and interview too. At that time I was doing my job at my level best and very sincerely, but things were just not coming in my way. I was very much depressed. I asked Dr Reji what was lacking in me. He at first told me to read some affirmations and to do some breathing exercises. I did. My relationships, emotional, financials all were at their worst and I was totally fed up. I text Dr Reji that I am totally ‘out’ and what could be the problem. He replied that I had some blocks and that he would give me a session. He did one session. After that everything around me just changed within 3 days and I also got a dream chance to host one of the major reality shows on TV. It was the great miracle in my life. Sir also said that I can be a very good actor. He is one of the most positive people I have ever met and he always inspires me. I am very grateful to Dr Reji,

I express my gratitude and I am sure that I can now be a great actor too if his positive energy continues to reach me. I hope I will remain in positivity and Thank you so much from my deep heart. God will definitely bless you for your Divine work.

VJ Vishnu, Kerala, India

Ms Priyanka Variath, Mumbai

Hi, I’m Nameetha , an architect working in Bangalore. My mom is the one who told me about distance healing. Honestly speaking I did not believe all this in the beginning. I didn’t think something like this was possible ever. But then one day something happened, which totally changed my perspective. One day i woke up with terrible body pain, joint pain, chills, high fever and when I had just recovered from another fever the past month. I really got scared as the Dengue fever season was up and everyone was saying that probably you have dengue. When I went to the hospital even they couldn’t figure out  what I had. They knew I had fever but couldn’t find out what kind of fever and why I was getting the severe joint pains, rashes and all of that. So I was brought from Bangalore to Cochin because the treatment there wasn’t productive enough and I wasn’t improving from my condition. In Cochin also the treatment started and I was on medication, on antibiotics and all of that but I still wasn’t improving from my condition at all. I was getting even more sick each day. This particular incident was brought up to Dr Thomas’ notice when I was admitted in hospital. Interestingly even before I could come up with the symptoms he was predicting that I was going to get particular symptoms which really shocked me and I was really surprised. This as I understand now, is basically even before you fall sick in your physical body, you fall sick in your energy body. I started getting really interested and fascinated about this topic and I started reading about it. It was brought to my attention that the healing work what Technopilot does is true scientific work. After about 2 to 3 days I was completely fine. Everything was fine and my rashes were completely gone, my joint pains were gone and I had no more fever. I was perfectly all right. I was really shocked and I started completely believing in all this. I understand that whatever I read and whatever Technopilot does is honestly great and true work. I really thank Technopilot and my mother.
Ms Nameetha, Bengaluru, India