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Hi, this is Charu from Mumbai and at the onset I really really want to thank Dr Thomas for all his guidance and support. It is said that when the Student is ready, the Master appears. I feel blessed that my paths crossed with Dr Thomas and he has really helped me with the Grid sessions. It has totally helped me. I have seen the results manifest in my personal and professional life. Not only that, he is not one of those people who would just do a session and leave and not bother. He is really concerned about his clients and always follows up for any further help. I really really feel blessed and want to express my gratitude for all his help and support and thank you so much Doctor. Thanks a ton!!!

Ms Charu S, Mumbai – India

Hi everyone, this is Mahi here and want to share today the magical transformation of my life. Thanks to the Technopilot healers , my life has dramatically changed. In all areas of my life, there is a big difference. Relationships – all sorted out and its absolutely peaceful now. Health – never been better. Financially am doing so well I feel life is effortless and things are just happening on their own! In fact I recently brought a house – a dream house in a city like Mumbai , a premium tower in a premium town . Its like a dream come true . Its such a beautiful house and this is what I dreamt of. So yes, thanks to the Technopilot healers – in just a few sessions of healing spread over a few weeks, has made this miraculous transformation . It sounds unbelievable but yes I am living that dream now. Yes, I believe that if one believes in oneself, the Divine leads to you such Divine Grid Healing and leads you to a dream magical transformation in life. Thank you once again Healers for changing my life . Now I live my life powerfully and I live the life I love. I wish everyone all the best !!!

Showing you here the beautiful view from my house – absolutely stunning & I just love it.

Ms Mahi S, Mumbai / India

I am Minal and am based at Chennai. I was always very aloof from everyone , not confident at all and can safely say that never progressed much actually in life. After a few sessions from the TechnoPilot Divine Grids I have become very confident. I am moving on with all positive things that are happening in my life. I have opened up totally and brimming with confidence. Am extremely happy now. Sessions were also done for my weight issues which gave excellent result. My protein levels, thyroid and cells in body, were worked on too and now very healthy. A large number of blocks in my life and home were also identified and all removed.

All the credit for this turnaround goes to the TechnoPilot healers and my deepest gratitude for helping me reclaim my life and making me feel on top of the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Ms Minal , Chennai / India.


I am Vinay Joseph and have just completed my Engineering from the United Kingdom. A lot of strange happenings and painful events had been going on in my family. Also there were a lot of blocks that were affecting not only me, but everyone. I was pretty much confused on what exactly to do ahead in life too.

Was introduced to Dr Reji by my father. On meeting him I felt positive and comfortable and so shared a few things about my personal life to him, which were causing me deep issues.

A lot of Divine work was done in a few sessions and I could immediately feel the change in my overall persona, as well as the pleasant energy in me and at home. With guidance from my parents and Dr Reji, I am happy to inform, that I have now successfully got admission for my Masters in Engineering degree in Canada, in a very good University. 

I feel my family and myself have been brought from the verge of certain disaster to calmer waters and happiness has returned back. Why things happened the way they did, was also explained in detail. I support the Divine work that Technopilot does and will recommend them to all.


Vinay Joseph, Canada.

Hi I’m Srindaa. I would really like to thank Dr Rajiv for helping me out to get out of all the negative energy and helping me to get a lot of positivity. Thank you Doctor. You have always been a great help for me. I wish you all the very best and all the good luck and good energies around you, so that you can solve many other peoples problems too. Thank you

Ms Srindaa, India

I am Hema, working at Mumbai. I was referred to Dr Reji by a very good friend who has immense faith in Dr Reji and Technopilot’s spiritual and energy healing techniques. For a skeptic like me, concepts of energies, Karma, aura, chakras and past lives baggage always went over my head. But I was desperate for a change in my life. So I approached them to address a few relationship issues. What came forth was shocking and unnerving. My home and every member of my family including my pet parrot, were engulfed in a very unholy negative energy since years. It had consumed and affected every member of my family. I applaud Technopilot for their painstaking effort for the next 2 – 3 days to rid the negative energy through spirituality and deep meditation. The change was all too evident. Truth be told — within a few days, there were positive changes observed in members of my family. I was more clear headed, motivated and focused. My home and family underwent a cataclysmic change. My pet parrot who had grown bald became calm and the beautiful feathers started growing again. I now entrust my family’s well being in the Yantra that they gave me. My heartfelt gratitude to Technopilot and will never think twice before recommending them to my friends who desperately need help. Thanks again Dr Reji. You are truly God sent.

Ms Hema J, Mumbai / India

strong>Hi, My name is Shanmu Vijayan and I am from Ernakulam in India. I was introduced to Technopilot through my brother. Before I first met Dr Reji in January 2016, I had a huge number of problems – lack of confidence, always confused in decision making, extremely nervous when facing people or a group, lack of energy and drive and felt blocked in life. But after just two sessions by healers, am now very solid, very confident, have improved my corporate attitude , never feel nervous and feel extremely healthy. I have also noticed that my issues have been permanently solved. I will never forget you Sir in my life and will keep in touch with you. Thank you so much for this.

Mr Shanmu Vijayan, Kerala, India