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I am Mallika, a professional working in Kerala. Interacting with TechnoPilot and experiencing the miracle healing being undertaken, is a blessing in itself. I have now known Dr Reji, a clairvoyant, for many years now and he is someone I can entrust with any problem, issue or ailment and I know for sure that it will be solved, however difficult it may seem. I see the instant change in my energy levels when healing is being done. I would like to share a few issues here

I had been diagnosed to be having CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). I went in for several tests at big hospitals, took treatment too and even asked to wear a sling on my right hand. I still had so much numbness in my right hand. On contacting Dr Reji, he told me to throw away the sling and that energy healing would be done for the issue. It was unbelievable – I was perfectly all right in a few sessions and that issue never troubled me again.

Recently my right eye was in a painfully swollen condition for more than 2 months and allopathy diagnosed it as Arthritis of the eye. A mention of the issue to Dr Reji, solved the issue in just a few days. To say more I had been having severe breathing difficulties of late. Two remote healing sessions by the Healers of the Technopilot Divine Grid solved it totally after the problem issue was traced to my right lung and diaphragm.

In many an instance he has healed my entire family on some issue or the other and we all could see the difference immediately. Negative energy at home /office was also diagnosed by providing him with photographs of the places and things got corrected so quickly. The yantra he has given me has also worked wonders for me. I have the highest of gratitude and thankfulness for the work done by the entire team at Technopilot.

This is indeed the true science and a testimony to the fact that spiritual power can defeat every evil.

Mrs Mallika, Kochi

Life can be summed up as a roller coaster ride of Ups and Downs. At times, things can go wrong or catastrophic and that’s when you need Divine Intervention. My Name is Dr Prashant Nair and am a dentist as well as an Actor. Last year I was subjected to some tough challenges – My dad had an untimely demise and to add to the calamity, my personal life was in a mess as my better half decided to make some selfish and foolish decisions that put the family status in jeopardy.

All this had affected my clarity of thought and my life was slowly going into a spiral descent. That is when one of my friends Mr Mathew told me about Dr Reji Thomas and his healing system based on the Divine Grids. My understanding of the Divine Grid concept is that we humans come into this world with a lot of karmic baggage from our previous lives .The good we did in the past act as brownie points enabling us blessings in times of need. The healers of the Divine Grids help us in clearing the blocks we face in life caused due to the accumulated karmic baggage from the past and enable us to sail through smoothly to reach our goals in life.

I have immensely benefited a lot from this in every aspect of life including personal, professional, emotional, relationships and overall well being, in a short period of few months. Will openly recommend anyone and everyone who have any issues or blocks whatsoever to contact TechnoPilot for their transformation.

Dr Prashant Nair, Dubai

Dearest Dr Reji,

Thank you so much for your presence in our lives. My life has been magical from the time you have taken us under your divine healing.

Starting with Reina, my daughter with Autism. Your constant support and healing for Reina, has made her a girl with pleasant disposition. Its like a veil that has been lifted off her face. She connects better with me now, emotionally. With your help, I had the courage to withdraw totally from Allopathy medications, which had given me marginal temporary relief, but in the long term would have played havoc with my daughter’s health. I would never have had the courage to withdraw all her medications, had you not prodded and pushed me to withdraw them. A big thanks and heartfelt gratitude. Secondly, my daughter had poor sleep pattern, due to Autism. She now has good sleep. There are host of changes in my daughter like better emotional connect, being pleasant etc. More than anything the constant support and motivation I get from you is tremendous. You have so much faith that my daughter will be healed completely that it motivates me to look at the future positively.

My 6 year old son had been complaining of bursts of intense pain in the neck for many months. I was extremely tensed. But just a mention of the problem to you, took care of the problem. You attended to it through psychic surgery and my son has never complained about the pain ever again. Coming to my older son – He had temper problems and attention issues. But you took care of it and he is more social than ever before.

As far as me, I have only one thing to say. MAGICAL – that’s how my life has turned. I have always been a social person, but now, ever since I have been associated with Dr Reji, I would say, that life has taken a complete turn. I have been doing good in all aspects, including starting a career in Nutrition, being in a better space emotionally and being more positive.

Dr. Reji Thomas, you have been my pillar of strength in the last year. The effort you put in for Reina, in terms of healing, is much more than what even a parent might do for their children. And I am grateful for your efforts. And I appreciate you as a human being for the selfless effort in terms of money, time and selfless dedication to the case.

Wishing you all the very best and hoping to have your presence in our lives forever.

Grace Kapoor, Mumbai

Dear Dr. Thomas,

A very Happy New Year to you…May God Bless you with abundant health, wealth and happiness…

I also want to thank you for the help that you have extended to me, resulting in me getting employed in a profile I like and with facilities I can’t complain of. There have been tremendous positive changes in my life that I can feel, which has come about because of your guidance. I, as always, wish that you receive uninterrupted divine guidance so that you may keep doing what you are extremely talented in and be the reason for a positive change in the lives of many.

Thanking you now and always.

Poornima Prabhu,Kerala

I had been going through a very unhappy marriage which made me very depressed and that’s when a friend of mine suggested I seek the help of Dr. Reji. Even though he seemed confident that Dr. Reji could help me, I was very apprehensive and with great hesitation finally agreed to contact Dr. Reji . At first I was very skeptical whether I was doing the right thing, but with each session, I realised that Doctor Reji was spot on in knowing what went wrong in my life and he was ready to help me, and never let the financial shortcomings get in the way. It’s been a few months now and Dr. Reji was always there for me, assuring me that everything was going to be ok and I am so glad that I came to you Doctor. My Life has changed for the better now, not just for me, but for my husband too, and I am experiencing happiness like never before. Negativity has been removed and I got more than I ever wanted in life and I am ever indebted to you, Doctor. May you be blessed for all the good work you do and I would definitely refer you to anyone who wants to improve their life.

Cynthia J.,UAE

Dear Dr. Thomas,

Your acquaintance is one of the best things that has happened to me in the year that is winding up. Your guidance has filled my life with much positive energy and brought back faith and hope. There is a remarkable change in myself as well as in others around me. I am more confident and have found inner peace and happiness. The affirmations that were sent to me radiate so much energy that I feel it flow into me even when I read it, each and every time…

I hope that my acquaintance with you goes on uninterrupted…I also hope that you receive divine assistance forever so that you may be able to help those in desperate need.

Warm Regards.

Poornima Prabhu,Kerala.

Through one of my friends I came to know about Dr. R Thomas and he had also given me a magazine with a write-up about the Dr. Being an Arhatic of Pranic Healing, I was very much impressed reading the article. Even though I practice Pranic Healing and various other kinds of healing techniques for others, I had decided to share my following complicated issues with Dr. R Thomas.

  1. Multi Million Business collapsed completely.
  2. New Real estate business failed and lost a lot of money.
  3. Debts worth Rs. 40 Lakhs.
  4. No income source.
  5. Family Tensions.

Because of all of the above, I was totally in a confused stage of life.

But his healing techniques could diagnose the reasons for all my problems so quickly – so many Blocks, Curses and Unlucky Factors etc.

In one to two months, He helped me with the following :

  1. All Blocks removed within me and my family.
  2. Family issues 90% solved.
  3. Blocked money at real estate business recovered and because of that I could manage Rs 10 Lakhs of my debts.

One by one the problems are reducing day by day.

My sincere thanks to Dr. R Thomas for helping me, solving my problems and giving me a relaxed state of life.

Dr. Jagadeesh Pillai
(Guinness Book of World Record Holder)

It is very difficult to put into words my experience with Dr. Reji. He was referred to me by a close friend who has so much faith in Dr. Reji.

From the very first contact I had with him I felt a sense of peace and tranquility and free to open up and telling him what I was feeling. And what really touched me was or is his ability to sense one’s problem and the way he described all. There was so much negative energy to be removed in my house, with my family including me.

After a short course of treatment not only do I feel great but so much has changed in my life and this goes to each member of my family. There is so much peace and tranquility at home and so much happening to each one of us.

I will recommend Dr. Reji to those who desperately need help including family and friends without thinking twice.

Thank you Dr. Reji and may you be blessed Always.

Ms Carlinda Reis da Silva, Beira – Mozambique, Africa

Ms Carlinda Reis da Silva, Beira – Mozambique, Africa

Reji has been one of the most reliable, honest, intelligent officers with most pleasant personality while he worked with me in Kochi in Southern Naval Command. His exemplary qualities of creativity and determination in trying circumstances brought out the best in him but always with a smile. Reji generated so much of positivity in the organisation that it motivated all others to emulate officer like qualities expected of a military professional. He will be an asset to any organisation that is fortunate to have his services. Wishing him the very best in all future endeavours.
SK Iyer Retired Commodore, Indian Navy


 Dr RK Thomas has been the most exceptional senior officer one can look up to. His laurels speaks for his inane quest for professional perfection. He was our instructor and mentor. His depth and breadth of dimensions ranging from being an IT expert to a Pilot have always rekindled our strong desire and inspiration to make it big in the global knowledge/achiever’s arena. His energy and resolve can make anyone go spellbound. I am sure that one fine day on one fine front-page of Times magazine, when I see you saying, “Son bring out the best in you”, I would know its you Sir.
Prabahar Thiyagarajan,
Retd Lt Commander, Indian Navy, Senior Manager IAI
TechnoPilot’s work is very gentle and very powerful. Has helped me release many old energies that needed to be cleared from my system. Even a single session can give you many new tools to stay clear and centered even if times are turbulent. I have recommended TechnoPilot’s work to many friends and clients.
Mallika Dinesh, Kochi
One of my most difficult tasks is to put my experience with TechnoPilot into words. The ability to sense one’s problems & issues including diseases was spot on! I noticed this pronounced and uncharacteristic pulsation, a vibration that felt as though it was emanating from within and beyond my core. It wasn’t super intense, but yet I was being strongly affected. It was like I had experienced something beneficially unique. It was very easy for me to drop off to sleep. My energy state felt different. I felt a lot more internal silence than I had noticed before we met. I now realise that there is something about the work that has positively affected my mental, emotional and spiritual framework forever. I strongly recommend this healing work for anyone who is struggling with a difficult relationship or difficult time in their lives. Doors and windows open up like I have never witnessed before in my life. My health has improved considerably since.
Jarna Shah, Chennai
 Before I had Healing at TechnoPilotTM I had headaches constantly, sometimes for days on end. I was getting them so frequently and they were so painful that they actually made me ill. I have missed work due to them for the past 6 years. After having a course of treatment I feel great! I haven’t had a serious headache since I started! I haven’t missed any work and I haven’t gotten sick. Doing this therapy was the best thing I could have done! I’m 39 and I look forward to a headache free future!

Garima, Delhi

My daugher aged 25 had been plagued by severe and serious issues to do with the ‘mind’ since 2 decades. There was no respite and no remedy in spite of all treatment. We had almost given up all hope. As a last resort I have approached Dr Thomas, who specializes in energy healing and other modalities. In a matter of six planned healing sessions done through distance healing I can happily say that she is now a transformed daughter to me. Her serious ‘mind’ issues have all cleared. This is truly a MIRACLE. During the sessions, my daughter could actually strongly feel the energies flowing through and her body responded accordingly. Her ear pain since many years has also vanished. Besides this I feel all her obstacles have been removed, as we immediately got a good matrimonial match for her from a highly respectable family. All the good words in the vocabulary are short to thank Dr Thomas and his organization Technopilot. I wish you success and happiness from the bottom of my heart. Am referring all the people I know who have such serious issues to contact you Sir and please continue to do the needful for them too.

Saleela , Cochin

Dr. Thomas, all thanks to your efforts, I have seen a change in my child’s disposition from Autism after getting distance healing from you since a month. I see that she is a lot calmer and more engaging. Her attention span has improved too. Its a joy to watch her transforming into a new person. I have also undergone four sessions with you and can see the tangible benefits I am experiencing in my overall physical and emotional  well being. My sons very high fever ‘vanished’ just in hours under your management and all this is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you so much.

Grace K , Mumbai

Dear All, I had a severe ear pain since the last one month.  I went to a doctor and was on antibiotics for 15 days too, but with absolutely no respite. Then I contacted Dr Thomas for healing through the site and he has healed me through distance without even meeting me, in just 15 minutes.  Now am in the process for whole body healing from today for various other ailments which I have been suffering from years and very confident of quick revival.  I was just awestruck at the miraculous instant cure that I received.  I strongly recommend him to all and am certain that all of you will also be completely healed very soon.

Sona Parekh, Kandivali (West), Mumbai

My daughter who is a teenager lost interest in studies suddenly as she got involved with a boy. Would like to thank Dr Thomas who helped her to come out of it and also to prepare well for her exams. I am grateful for the quick action taken by Dr. Thomas as the results started to show within couple of hours. I am really indebted to him and bringing back my daughter. She also got 80% marks in her Board exams

 Mrs Varma, Kerala

I have been on a spiritualist quest from year 2000 onwards and through this an avid believer and practioner of alternate / holistic healing. As part of my quest – I have actively experienced various schools of healing ranging from Yoga, Art of Living, Reiki, Homeopathy, Macrobiotic, Homeostasis Review Therapy (HRT), Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Pranic Healing and more……. As I realized later – my turning to various schools of alternate healing had more to do with me seeking answers to very deep rooted questions that existed in my psyche for as long as I can remember. I have never regretted going through the various schools as each one led me to the next level. My initiation into the Techno pilot Grid Healing School came about through Reji Thomas (a close friend, associate and colleague for about 18 years now). I have known Reji to be an academic genius and a very intense person and never imagined he would have an interest in healing subject matters.  We reconnected in Dubai after we retired from the organization we served in. A while later, Reji confided to me of various higher level healing programs that he had attended and having received a calling to develop an unique healing system, which he titled TechnoPilot. I must confess that at this point in time I was beginning to get a bit skeptical as the Reji I knew was of a genius academic. As a friend, I couldn’t let him down and didn’t voice my opinion and continued to pay lip service to whatever he was doing. However, for some unknown reason, I kept in touch with Reji and sought healings and advise – all of which gave me instant relief. Gradually I inched closer to Reji and his healing school based on personal experience of ‘feeling good’ but never a 100%. However, I proactively introduced others including family and friends to the TechnoPilotTM Healing School. Reji never gave up on me and my need for healing – always patient and smiling in his endeavor moving on with the motto of ‘onward and forward’. Somewhere, along the way – I was encouraged, motivated and drawn to TechnoPilot Healing School (I cannot say what it was) and commenced formal healing through the School on 28 December 2013. I have never regretted that decision till date and know that I will never regret it ever. The results have been tangible and quick – sometimes in minutes. The impact for me was so real – that I have felt many discomforting symptoms and sensations just drain or fades away. But the most important observation was how the TechnoPilot Healing School technique worked at all known and unknown levels of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual consciousness. Along with healing I realized I was becoming more intuitive, certain of myself, confident, able to manifest and more whilst at the same time realizing that I was carrying a lot of issues within myself. As part of my healing process – it was inevitable that all of the negatives within me came up to my physical consciousness. It manifested as anger, irritation, headaches, upset stomachs, body aches – a very painful experience. I can safely record here that some or all that I went through was not experienced before by me and it was almost unbearable…… I had all along believed that my going through the various schools of healing I was cleansed or well, almost cleansed and what was required was for me a bit of tweaking and nothing more. Well! What I experienced was terrible and became what I call today – a crisis of faith! Somehow I just held on – and in the bargain tested my good friend Reji’s patience like I had never done before. He was friendly but firm, supportive and encouraging, uncompromising and strict. All he ever told me was to hold on to my faith – I would definitely heal and to give him a fixed time – not in terms of years or decades – but mere months. This to me sounded odd – to completely cleanse and heal me of a load of past lives of karma which I was carrying within me and thwarting me from achieving my true potential, within 3 months. In my normal frame of mind – I would have been critical and skeptical but the drawing power of TechnoPilot Healing School made me look forward in hope.  As I write this testimonial I am inching towards the half way mark of my healing and superbly confident that I will get there and successfully. I needed an angel to come through in my life – I desperately needed…….and he did come, in the form of Reji. I truly believe that the TechnoPilotTM Healing School concept of healing is truly revolutionary and nothing like this may have been heard of before or ever done before. If you look at it logically – it wouldn’t make sense but if you delve into it and experience firsthand – you will never regret it. I truly believe that the TechnoPilotTM Healing School healing comes to only those who deserve it – to good souls whose faith have been tried and tested. It is a part of one’s destiny and whether one likes it or not – if your destiny is aligned with it – you will get and claim the healing. I would recommend the TechnoPilot Healing School to everybody desirous of getting fully healed. Fully healed – means getting cleansed of everything mental, physical, emotional and spiritual in your current life and the karmic baggage’s of many past lives being carried within us. Of course the ultimate aim for all of us is Moksha. Had it not been for TechnoPilot Healing School, Moksha would seem many, many life time’s away – but now there is a way and something to look forward to. As part of healing, in Reji you would find a wonderful healer, a good and kind human being, an excellent friend, philosopher and guide. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to the Almighty and through the Almighty Reji, for sending Reji to me and being one of the chosen ones. In full faith, I thank you!   ,

Mr. EJ Mathews , 50 yrs, Dubai, Maritime Security Head